What’s the best method for setting up photo galleries? I have tons of pictures I’ve taken at historic sites I’ve visited, and I want to share them. Is my best bet to set up a subdomain (photos.jasonsellers.org) and install a photo gallery management web app? Or is there some sort of plug-in/effective way of doing that within WordPress, and just adding the “Photos” to the menu there?

On a similar front. My main page has a menu option for “Domain of One’s Own,” but we have a subdomain set up for the blogging we’re doing for our workshops/meetings/readings. I want those two connected, for people clicking “DOO” on the main page’s menu to see what I’m blogging about in terms of setting things up (I want a transparent process to be as evident as the product, especially since I’ll be using this as a model and experience when I’m teaching our methods class in History). Can I have them redirected to the subdomain?

I like the widget that creates a clickable word-cloud using my tags. Good stuff.

I need to mess with themes and colors more, but I feel like that’s not incredibly productive, and like I could end up sucked down into that vortex. Perhaps not the best way to spend my time. Happier with my main domain than the subdomain, so maybe I just need to stick with simpler/straightforward. I did try a few background photos, but they didn’t do well–you couldn’t see any of the interesting elements, and so what was there just seemed useless. I’ll work on that, because it would make what I think are fairly wide borders somewhat more interesting.

Also, I think since you have to set up a subdomain to run a different web app, those are more like outbuildings (garage, garden shed, wood shop, chicken coop, etc) than rooms in the main house.

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  1. Jason,

    You are off an running, I love it. And you can set up a menu item on your main blog that simply points to your Domain of One’s Own blog. Simply add a custom link type to your menu, Title it something like Domain Initiative, and add the url to your Domains blog. Make sense?

  2. Yep, made sense–and that’s how I just arrived here to respond. I replaced the page with that custom link in the menu bar, though I somehow first managed to duplicate all the menu items, which took a bit of sorting out.

  3. Check out the Jetpack plugin for image galleries. I’m pretty sure it gives you some gallery options once you have it installed.

    It is possible to install image gallery software, too (say on a subdomain). If you’re planning on building a pretty big collection/site, this may be a better way to go.

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